Catch Red fish with Captain Brad of Daytona Beach Fishing Charter

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Captain Brad of Daytona Beach Fishing Charter Boat Review

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Daytona Beach Fishing Charter-Winter Charter Fishing Report

Backwater Fishing in Daytona BeachHello everybody, this is Captain Brad of Daytona Beach Fishing Charter and welcome to our Daytona Beach Fishing Charter Winter Fishing Report.Today we will be discussing some important fishing facts for fishing in the waters of the upper Daytona area all of the way to the South of Mosquito Lagoon.
The Daytona Bech Fishing Area is a very diverse fishery. In saying that what I mean is that our waterways have a tarnished look from the brackish water mix. In order to understand our fishery you have to take the time to understand the patterns of our waterways and what that means to us as fishermen and targeting the different species.
Our waterways are tarnished because of the salt and freshwater mix that merges. Throughout the year our waterways change colors due to water temperature, run off from our rain season and different algae blooms.
This time of the year our waters differentiate from a tea colored look to a very clear in visibility pattern. To us the fishermen of these great and abundant waters, this time of the year holds in store for us some of the best inshore and backwater fishing available all year round.
The water temperatures this time of the year can fluctuate dramatically. But what is the most important to understand is that there are areas or “pockets” of warmer water in the backwaters which can hold an abundance of game species. The natural baits of our ecosystem hold up in or around these warmer pocketed areas and this in turn brings in the species of this season.
This type of warmer water pockets can attract fish species like tarpon ,snook, trout, drum, redfish, ladyfish, flounder and sheepshead.
Fishing these waters can be really fun but we have to first know the proper methods for actually bringing in these winter water beasts! so far we have taken the time to understand the habitat and the species so now let’s learn how to catch them!
Fishing these waters can be really good, especially on the sunny warmer days when the dark waters warm quickly throughout the day. Early morning try topwater plugs or freelining shrimp. Later in the day try jigs and spoons for better results. Fish the shoreline casting near creek mouths and up against mangroves for better strikes. Winter can make the center channel or drop offs good as well for species like black drum. Try using dead shrimp with no.3 or 4 sinker and a no.2 hook. Trout will also be found in these deeper areas, use jigs with soft baits like gulp shrimp or mullet. Ponce Inlet just south of Daytona Beach is also a great winter spot. We have schools of bluefish this time of year around this area along with sheepshead and huge redfish. Bluefish will hit just about anything thrown at them. Just keep an eye on the surface for a feed, your for sure to have a hookup. Sheepshead are a little different. They prefer structures like dock, pilings, seawalls, oyster beds, or bars.This type of fish prefers small crabs and shrimp. Use a small hook. A no.1 or no.2 will work. I prefer only a small splitshot, but whatever you feel comfortable with will work as long as you can feel the strike. They chew at there food so having a sensitive rod is key to feeling there bite. During the winter these fish come in from offshore in more numbers than anytime all year with their size upwards to 12 pounds. Not to mention they are an excellent table fare. Some days can be just unreal this time of year catching sheepshead. Somedays catching up to 50 fish a day are possible. Okay now to the redfish at Ponce Inlet. First off most are out of slot which means they are too big to keep. But that doesn’t stop the novelist of fishermen from catching these beasts! You can use several methods to catch them. Most fisherman love to fish the tip of Ponce Inlet. Thats where you will see most boats park. Just park near the light blue boat that says Fishing Guy. He loves all of the company out there!The baits I prefer are small crabs ,croakers ,pinfish, and cut bait on the bottom. These fish range from 10 pounds to 50 pounds and put up a great fight. On south to Mosquito Lagoon to the New Smyrna Beach area is my favorite this time of year. Be careful this area is shallow ,use a trolling motor when it’s your first time fishing these areas. Sight casting can be really fun here. I prefer live shrimp feelined or gulp baits.
Well thanks for reading and like always to get better educated hire a local guide first that knows the area well. Thanks again, this is Captain Brad signing off @ Daytona Beach Fishing Charter.

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Daytona Beach winter fishing report!

Welcome here to our beautiful area here in Daytona beach .It is one of the only areas that have such a deversity of fishing . Whether its your first time here or many times here its always a fishermans dream. Saltwater we have inshore, offshore and extreme backwater shallow fishing. For those liking freshwater we have many awesome lakes and rivers like the St.Johns river . Whatever you can possibly dream up there is some kind of different fishing to do all year long. Today I will go over the Daytona beach areas for winter fishing .My favorite is the world famous mosquito lagoon this time of year . When the water temps start getting cool the water clears and makes for awesome sight fishing in these waters . In New Smyrna Beach were this backwater fishing can be found is a beautiful little town thats full of creeks, bays, estuarys full of life . All you need is a good professional  to get you to these areas to catch a fish of a lifetime . I have been taking clients in these waters over twenty years with excellent results every time we go during the winter months .Book a trip I promise your heart will start racing the moment you catch your first big redfish in crystal clear shallow water, it will have you coming back year after year to stalk the shallow water predators here in Daytona Beach ,thanks for reading capt. Brad
Daytona Fishing

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June Fishing Report for Daytona Beach Florida

Daytona Beach FishingWelcome to the June’s fishing report 2013! We will discuss both the rivers North and South of Daytona beach Florida and New Smyrna Beach as well as offshore .

First area, lets start with South of New Smyrna beach. There have been lots of rain over the last few weeks which have produced an algae that blooms in these waters making for some tough fishing. The waters clarity is a milky orange making any bait hard to notice, so cut bait like lady fish will be better choices.

The Central area of New Smyrna beach isn’t much better except closer to the inlet, the waters here gets flushed out to the ocean so we are getting some cleaner water to flush back in . Fish the inlet with live crabs, small mullets, or shrimp. The fish are feeding better on the last two hours of the outgoing tide. Expect to catch redfish most oversized or out of slot and mango snapper as well that are in slot these fish are excellent table fare. Continue reading

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Daytona Beach Fishing charter

Client with polarized shades

Hi everybody! Welcome to the NSB Charters blog page!

Today I wanted to discuss the importance of protecting your eyes from harmful sun rays. And if you are visiting anywhere near Daytona or New Smyrna Beach, Florida, you’re deffinetly going to need it! Polarized shades are a type of eye wear used to protect you’re eyes from harmful sun rays. Ultra violet sun rays can be extremely harmful to some parts of the eye and cause permanent damage to the cornea, retina and other areas of the eye. Polarized shades aren’t just made for the sun, they are useful in any situation where long term exposure to light can damage you’re eyes.

Other kinds of sunglasses can be useful in other ways, like keeping particles and foreign material out of your eyes. The glare from water, sun and snow is also cut down by a special film on the polarized lenses. This is why I recommend most of my clients to invest in a pair of polarized shades because you can see schools of fish and protect your eyes at the same time! Especially if you’re going to be fishing in Daytona Beach or New Smyrna Beach, Florida.These special types of sunglasses are getting recognized in many sports as a way to preform a lot better.

Fishing being one of the more recognized sports that finds polarized glasses useful. To cut things down into simple form, light travels horizontally and vertically. The polarized lenses have vertical strips of film that protect against light vibrations coming horizontally. This is why when I take my clients to world famous fishing spots such as Mosquito Lagoon, they are very useful for spotting Red Fish and Trout in skinny waters. They are used for people who have eye surgery and are sensitive to light as well but they are not used as prescription glasses.

The bottom line is, if you’re looking to protect your eyes from harm then go out and buy a pair of polarized sun glasses, you cant go wrong! Thanks everybody for tuning in! Hope to see you soon! -Captain Brad @

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The Thrill and Excitement of Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach Fishing

Picture credit: Wikipedia

Located in Volusia County, Florida, Daytona Beach is an extremely popular vacation spot for tourists from all over the world. The place is known for its hard sand, enjoyable weather, spring break festivities and deep sea fishing. When it comes to motorsports, the place offers world class facilities for racing. The vibrant and warm culture of the place acts as the perfect destination for fun lovers from around the world. It was in the early 1500’s that this place started on a new journey towards development after the local population mingled with the Europeans who travelled to this land.

The Timucuan Indians were the original inhabitants of Daytona Beach. These village dwellers used to live in wooden compounds that were enclosed and mainly depended on allied activities and fishing for their livelihood. Spain was the first country to establish its influence in this area. During the start of the 15th century, the whole area was affected with diseases, forced labor and war which marred the local population. By the 18th century, the area was full of European settlers but in the year 1821, the U.S defeated the Spanish rulers and got hold of Daytona Beach area. After the end of the Civil War, the area began to develop and tourists started pouring in from every corner of the globe. The rich people from North America realized the hidden potential of this place and investments to develop the area began immediately.

Henry Flagler was the first person to purchase the Halifax River Railway and St. John in Daytona in the year 1889. It was in the year 1926 that the 3 town of Seabreeze, Daytona Beach and Daytona were merged together to form the ‘Daytona Beach City’. It was because of centralization of administration that the area started to develop in a fast and rapid pace.

The best part about the Daytona Beach is the fact that the sand is hardened and compact which is capable of holding on for long time periods. This gives racers the ideal opportunity to drive their vehicles with ease at certain places within the beach. Beach racing has developed into an almost regular feature among the different Daytona Beach activities. The Daytona Speedway which is world class race track was first developed by Bill France. Apart from racing the other major activity in the Daytona Beach area is fishing. Seasoned veterans as well as first timers are bound to experience an exciting and unique fishing experience in the area.

The place is blessed with natural beauty and breathtaking views which make it a favorite hotspot for filmmakers as well as authors. The distinctive charm of the local people, beach hotels, natural attributes, magnificent beach racing facilities and fishing activities make it the perfect holiday destination for people of all ages. People who have a knack for adventure are bound to fall in love with this place as there are numerous opportunities to explore and discover the entire area. The area has loads of excitement and thrills in store.

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Daytona Beach Backwater Fishing Pictures

Daytona Beach Backwater Fishing

Backwater Fishing in Daytona Beach



Backwater Fishing in Daytona Beach

Backwater Fishing in Daytona Beach

Backwater Fishing in Daytona Beach

Backwater Fishing in Daytona Beach

Backwater Fishing in Daytona Beach



Daytona Beach Backwater Fishing  is a once in a lifetime experience. We can take you to places that others know nothing about.  Our special fishing spots that have never failed us! Call us today to discover how you can get started!


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RIP British Fish in London Aquarium

Save British Fish

London Aquarium held a symbolic funeral ceremony for British Fish – a collective image of all the marine life that inhabits the waters of the country. Aquarium participants dressed as porters coffins have held an event to raise awareness of the public, governments and experts to the fate of aquatic animals. According to experts, the authorities should develop an effective program of fish, particularly endangered and vulnerable slopes mosaic giant sharks. The staff put on the bottom of the aquarium tank coffin and laid on him a crown of plastic fish bones.

Information and picture credits:

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A Few Reasons To Do Fishing in Daytona Beach Florida

Daytona Beach Fishing ChartersDaytona Beach, situated in Volusia region, on the east-coast of Florida Peninsula, well-known for its pleasant weather, solid sand, spring festivities–and for the most part among anglers—there is fishing in deep-sea. Most of time, a wide range of big fishing sport games are available at this beach; however, as most fishes are traveling, so arranging the trip is important with their availability. There are some points most peoples may consider as reasons to do fishing in Daytona Beach Florida.

1. Big Game Fish
The area of Daytona Beach features most of the best deep-sea fishing found everywhere. For Daytona Beach fishing, Blue Marlin can be found in the deep stream and Sailfish, Dolphin, Mackerel, Tuna and Wahoo can be found closer to the shore. On the bottom just about the many reefs, Red-Snapper and Grouper are the most eagerly sought fishes whilst the bruising king size Amberjack and Jack Crevalle provide tackle busting range. The Daytona Beach Stick Fishing event is also hosted each May.
In the 23-mile stretch of fishing region, there are also hard fighting fishes like Whiting, Pompano, Bluefish, Flounder, Redfish and Jack Crevalle.

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